Solar Glass

A Crucial Technology for Sustainable Agriculture

The growth of the world’s population, which necessitates increasing food production, the impacts of climate change on agricultural productivity, and the raising competition for land use in light of the expansion of renewable energy generation make the management of the Food/Water/Energy nexus ever more challenging. The Agrivoltaics concept allows the simultaneous use of land for two purposes: food production under more favourable conditions and renewable energy production.

Greenhouse agriculture can produce 10x higher yields while consuming 1/10th of the water when compared to open-field production. Brite’s Solar Glass allows the greenhouse to offset or eliminate the need for external electricity for greenhouse operations such as climate control and hydroponic systems. On open-field cultivation as well, the use of Solar Glass can facilitate the combined use of agricultural land for additional energy generation, while simultaneously protecting crops from adverse weather conditions, such as frosts, storms, and high temperatures, which are exacerbated by the impacts of climate change.

Solar Glass technology is based on finding the right balance for sharing solar radiation between energy production and crop cultivation in such a way that none is sacrificed in favour of the other.

Solar Glass Configurations Our customers’ projects often present unique requirements. To satisfy these we implement flexible manufacturing processes and are thus able to customise our products in multiple ways.
A wide range of Solar Glass sizes, levels of light transmittance, and power is available and can be further expanded on demand. For more information about the possibilities, contact us.
A few indicative options are presented below.

What we offer

Crop production remains central
Additional energy generation
Excellent value for money

01. Crop production remains central

Whether in the greenhouse or in open fields, the primary purpose of agricultural land should remain crop production if we want to meet world food demand. Our Solar Glass offers farmers the possibility to finetune the amount of light reaching their crops, allowing them to keep agriculture at the forefront of their work.


02. Additional energy generation

Whether sold as an additional source of income or used by the producer to power their own operations on the farm or the greenhouse, the renewable energy generated by the Solar Glass can help the farmer improve their financial position by making optimal use of sunlight.


03. Excellent value for money

Through state-of-the-art manufacturing and strategic partnerships with key suppliers, we are able to offer our Solar Glass at prices that will guarantee the success of your project.